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Reply To: C/C++ to Erlang convert



Thanks for your reply! Below are the answers for your questions.

>>You need to decide based on the >>resources you have and the time >>constrait’s.

I have limited resources and time. I need our products to be in the market asap.

>>If you have good develeoper’s >>and budgets in place go for >>Erlang.

Yes, I have a good team of developers. But the budget is limited.

>>If you have limited resources >>depend on linux – a good and >>well supported environment.

Yes, but the C/C++ development with sufficient stability and scalability takes too much time/resources. Since Erlang is developed for Telecom, I thought that will address my most of the problems. But the “clause” I posted in my last post, disturbs my thoughts.

>>Can you explain the >>scalability problems you have ?

Java is certainly unsuilable for the platforms that we develope, since we need the throuput of 100 ~ 1000 messages/sec. Also it involves a lot of database access and logging functions. The system can distributed in many servers (avg 5)

>>Are you working for voice >>communication only or data >>communication ?

We work both voice and data (mainly SS7)

>>Are you in Australia ?

No. I’m from Sri Lanka.