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Reply To: C/C++ to Erlang convert


) Is it a good idea to do so?

“couple of telco grade platforms ”
Are these applications ?

If they are UP and running well you need not port.

If you have performance related issues you need to look at alternates.

2) Will processing be fater and efficient in Erlang than in C?

C is just a language .

You can get good optimised code if you re write certain critical modules again.

The isue is performance tuning, tesing, optimization and re engineering.

Your SW architecure, design and optimization will give the performance.

3) Is there a converter or cross-compiler that I can use for easy conversion of C/C++ code to Erlang?

I don’t think so.

4) How about MNESIA database? Can it stand for upto 1000 concurrent requests per second?

5) What kind of Hardware will need for that kind of processing?

Multi processor,High Speed Back plane.

Please estimate the load.
Analyse the application pofile.

6) What will be the future in Erlang?

7) Is Ericsson still use Erlang or they’re migrating to C/C++ or other languages? If so, why?