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Reply To: Any Advantage of R2 signalling over SS7


Dear Ashok,

Yes You are correct.

Theoritically you are 100 %.

But in practical most of the DATA Products are still in R2 Signalling.Or in TCP/IP …nothing much with S7 Capability.

Data products I am mentioning abt INTERNET SERVERS/PRIVATE SERVERS/CONTENT SERVICE PROVIDERS SERVERS…etc..etc…which connects with MSC.


SETUP Procedures are nothing different.I was talking from the SERVER Point of view.

If any server can handle C7 then we can defnly apply it…it will be more advantageous.

The reason why much DATA Vendors dont have C7 is ..they need it as special big application compare to R2.R2 is Very simple..small SW and More HW.But C7 is Vice versa.

Ultimately COST is Very Less.

I have seen more Vendors struggling with C7.

Think abt it….