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Reply To: Calls routed to announcement

Ashish Goel

hi Vijay

Your reason may be correct. Let us consider the scenario as :

After the RBT is received at A side there can be three cases:
1) Call is released (whatever is the reason) and an REL message is sent to a side.

2) Call is answered and an ANM is sent to A side.

3) The call is not released but is routed to ann.

The first two cases are simple to understand. But in the third case we see that before the announcement the rbt has ended and that means some som evnt has occurred at B side and it should send an appropriate message, but we get an announcement. So in this case i think some message should be received by A side ( in my opinion ANM). i want to know exactly what message is received and what are the contents if i am not going wrong.

I have analysed it on the SIEMENS switch by starting a dest report and activating the signalling trace on it.

In the trace the reason for release was ” Call Abondoned after first digit” and in the DEST report the call was put under CCS unanswered which means that this call was unanswered.

Your suggestions on this will be very helpful.