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Reply To: BSS comissioning&integration


We say that each Frequency Channel is separated by 200KHz. So this is
> the effective Bandwidth.So 1/200KHz = 5 Microsec.
> This channel is divided into 8 Timeslots.
> So this 5 Microseconds must be equally divided for getting 8
> Timeslots in that particular Frequency Channel
> But if you see that 8 Timeslots constitutes one Frequency Channel,
> then as far as calculations go:
> 1 Timeslot = 0.577ms.
> Which means 8 Timeslots = 4.16ms.
> Can you justify how 5 Microsec can be divided so that we get a total
> time of 4.16ms.

If ur reply is:

The channels are separated in
freq. by 200Khz guard bands to prevent adjacent channel interference.

Then let me know what is the effective Bandwidth of a particular Frequency channel