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Reply To: IN in GSM


Hello Hari,

* CAMEL is the best solution to support Prepaid Raoming.Or we have to go for proper IN-Data Defintions to co operate with Other PLMNs.That is not possible with all the vendors.

* There are differnt IN Keys,which can be used to Invoke the IN Services.By proper defintions for each triggering you can make differnt setup of call handling for differnt keys.

* HLR Just provides a copy of Subscriber data to VLR.But SSF/MSC is responsible for acting according to the triggering table.

* gsmSCF Runs as differnt Functionality.It is not a integrated functionality of HLR but can be implemented in same HW can work as co working application or standalone node.

* gsmSSF always interacts with gsmSCF/SCP while processing a call…not with HLR.Since gsmSSF is implemented in a MSC Node…depending upon the setup the MSC Can Initiate a Authrization process.But it depends upon the MSC Functionality not in SSF.

*During a call the SCP & SSF are always in communication with eachother.So the billing is like ONLINE Billinbg for PREPAID Subscribers.No need to go for POST Processing of CDRs.But MSC includes this call datas in its CDRs.Which can be used or not used for other purposes.Charging will be purely controlled by SCF incase the implementation is for PREPAID.

* PREPAID Roaming is avilable without CAMEL.But in this case the above mentioned CDRs from MSC willl be used.But the charging will take place 5/6 times in a day.And it depends upon the CDR reception from other VPLMNs.Then they will apply OG/IC-Barring if they find somebody without money.

*OSS in CAML-No Idea

*For announcement there should be Close cooperation between SSF & SCF so it is not possible in case of a Country to Country Roaming.

* There are some other methodes like USSD and Call back features…etc….

Hope this clarifies a bit 4 u and Call Flow Traces sorry..I cant get…since there are 16 Links between our SSF and SCF…I cannot do tracing for this.

Our Analyzer-Nethawk is capable of Two Links only.