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Reply To: TEST SYSTEM in AXE10

Wallis Dudhnath

AXE10 – Automatic Exchange Ericsson Type Number Ten – is a large carrier class TDM switch with groups switches of up to 128k on a single node and have been sold in a number of Markets. The software and hardware is divided into Central and Regional components. The Central Processor (usually just referred to as the CP) is called APZ and the trace examples here are from APZ 212 02 from the early 1990’s in most cases. The APZ CP is literally a real-time supercomputer. The data store, program store and signal buffers are actually separate pieces of hardware. Everything from instance variables to marshaled signals between function blocks is all preallocated.

Language that is used is PLEX. The APZ (processor) used ASA (Machine/Assember code). PLEX was based on a “block” and “signal” approach. In fact, when I look back it uses a several principles from OOPs.