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Reply To: What is BSIC?


This is a nice place for discussion. Lot of technical interaction going on. Was searching thru Google on AXE810 and found this forum. Just been thru the “Switch Planning for GSM” thread and then going thru this one.
I think the GSM specifications do not describe the handovers between cells of different PLMNs. Please correct me if I am wrong. If it exists, it should be similar to Inter-MSC handover except for the fact that roaming check feature of the visiting MS would have to be done which need not be done for Inter-MSC handover because here it is generally assumed that both the MSCs would be of the same PLMN.
Nguyen>>> What Diampl probably means is that if MSC A(core MSC) of HPLMN was handling the call and then Inter-PLMN handover takes place to MSC B of VPLMN. Would MSC A be completely out of picture now ? Well, in case of Inter MSC handovers, that’s how it happens.
Diampl >>> I feel if Inter-PLMN handovers do exist then the same should be the case here too. Core MSC A should be out of picture. But could you please tell me what happens to CDRs during the Inter MSC handovers. Would both the MSCs generate CDRs for their portion of call handling.
One more silly doubt now after going thru this thread. Let us consider a scenerio where a MS in speech phase moves to an area with a different LAC but within the same MSC area. Handover takes place. It is said that handover would be done first and then LU would take place. Will the LU be done during the speech phase over FACCH or will it happen after call termination.