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Reply To: Erlang to kbps conversion


Hi Guys,
very interesting topic,
I am trying to calculate Erlang from NB interface to see how much POI Erlang is transited. but I got a bit confused please take a look
Codec= AMR, Frame=Ethernet, BSC and POI are TDM base and NB over IP-
12200*(20/1000) = 244 bits means–> 31 bytes —
Ethernet =38, IP=20, UDP=8 , RTP=12 , NBUP=4 , VOICE=31 BYTES Total Bytes for AMR=117–> 117*8*50=45.2kbps- Number of ephemeral channel = Occupied BW/45.2kbps now if we consider the occupied BW is 90.4Mbps then number of ch=20k my concern is this, how do I obtain Erlang from it?
Thanks in advance