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Reply To: BSS


24 TRX per site?

I think you are referring to 8+8+8 configuration.

Yes you can achieve 888 configuration with two cabinets.

But as i have mentioned earlier Nokia has a limitation of stacking maximum 9 cabinets in a row.

That is why

9 x 12 =108 TRX maximum TRX per site.
At mecca UAE has gone for maximum option.


It is not possible everywhere that all the 124 carriers are available to one operator. In UAE it is an exception as operator is government itself, and thus they have all the frequencies.

In India..
We have 31 frequencies per operator. And four operators are in the field. 4 x 31=124

Usual practice adopted is 444 for Nokia BTS sites.

Nokia has made a very bad image for its equipments in India.

Huwaei (china) is moving fast in the race…

and ericsson is back in the race.

I think this trend is worldwide, as nokia fails to deliver in quality, particularly at BTS level.The BTS of Nokia generates a lot of heat. The TRX fault rate is very high. Due to heat the cooling requirements are very high for Nokia and hence the running cost is high for operators.

Alcatel is having its footprints mainly in the PSTN segment with switches like OCB.However it do operates in GSM segment also.