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Reply To: BSS


hi, vijayaraj
1.LAPD Concentration.
2.LAPD unconcentration.
3.LAPD Multiplexing.

In LAPD concentration 13 TRU’s can be used with a single E1.
In LAPD unconcentration 10 TRU’s can be used.
And in LAPD Multiplexing 15 TRU’s can be used.
would you like explain more about LAPD?

1.LAPD Concentration: 13*2+(13 div 4) = 26+4 = 30 < 31(E1 TimeSlot) 2.LAPD unconcentration: 10*3 = 30 < 31(E1 TimeSlot) 3.LAPD Multiplexing: 15*2= 30 < 31(E1 TimeSlot) Am i right? In method 3, how is the LAPD signalling transfered to BSC?