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Reply To: GSM basics


hi robbin,

ok, now i understand better… maybe i can help.

your software is supposed to work at a network level ?

then let’s say you have the busy hour of the network.
you need to introduce the notion of “area” in your software. Basically, this “area” concept include the covered area in your network and the density of site you’re planning to put (number of sites / sq. kilometer).

You can also define different types of area (dense urban = high density of sites, etc..)

Once you have the density of sites (this is give by the planning team and/or the tendering team), you can compute the average amount of TRX needed per site.

However, let me tell you, your software will only provide you with an average needed capacity. If you want more detail, you need a planning tool, which uses not only the concept of “area” but also of “coverage”….

I know i’m not very clear, but i hope to give you some leads here.