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Reply To: question about trunk lines

Manish K Gupta

Please let me know about following querries with a brief concept of IPLC line.

1. what is a channelized E1/T1 lines?
2. is there an “unchannelized T1/E1 line”?
3. what is an “analog call”? do u mean the “local loop” is analog or
do u mean the “trunk lines” is analog? in my country almost all trunk lines are digital, so there is no “analog call” at all?
4. if i want to set up a call center, i have to apply for a trunk line from telco, right?
5. how many kinds of trunk line can I apply from telco?
a “E1/T1 line” is same with “ISDN PRI line”?
6. i read on cisco website: “channelized T1/E1 lines” can not receive “ISDN call”, is that true? and why?
7. i want to ask again: what at all is an “analog call”? which part of it is “analog”?

of course I’m very new to this field n inquisitive to know all these details.