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Reply To: question about trunk lines


Hi Simon,
To answer all ur questions I’ve to write a separate book of 100 pages!. Anyway……

Channelized E1/T1 is the one that carries Voice 30/24 channels. And these Channels are muxed…….

Whereas unchannelized E1/T1 is that u get a raw bandwidth of 2Mbps/1.544Mbps.

“Analog Call”… what I understand is that it is different from ISDN call which is digital.. and may be as u said it’s due to “local loop” is analaog.

If u wanna setup a call center u’ve to apply for IPLC line from ur Gateway Service provider and also with other end Gateway service provider. And IPLC is going to be RAW bandwidth and it depends on how ur using it, I mean compression/technology etc….

E1/T1 is not same with ISDN… but the bandwith is same E1 has 2mbps BW, same as Euro ISDN, and T1 has 1.544Mbps, same BW as American ISDN. The diff. is that in ISDN line one channel in 32/24 is dedicated for siganaling, whereas in E1/T1 it’s not. E1/T1 uses CAS (Channel Associated Signalling).

haa……I’m tired….

Hope this helps……