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Reply To: E1 and GoS

Majd Coussa

Yes Dr. B.M. Lines. I’m one of your students… I had already solved the question, but it seemed so simple and it carries 50 marks!!!!!! I wasn’t confident that my answer was correct if it was this short. So I posted up the question here.

And yes, I have included this in
my list of references. I inlcuded everything I used in the references.

Webmaster, I havent sent any emails… I just posted this up and waited for a reply. We never had an assignment about “disadvantages of peg-couting in traffic analysis”.

Sir, I left it this late coz I had my project to work on.

(P.S. this begins to feel like a chatroom to me 🙂
Anyways… thanks everyone for any help that came in here. Really appreciate it. I really understand how these things work now.