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Reply To: Switch Planning for GSM


Hi all!
I’m goning to design a MSS/VLR ( IP base MSC server)plan in a NSS whitch have been connected to two PLMN ,two PSTN , thruogh media gateways and signaling gateways ,and it will supported arround 9000’000 subscriber.I have some dark points on this issue,can any one of you clear some of them to me:
first ;what I want to know is the capecity of my MSS/VLR that should have ,according to the NSS.

second;when we have an integrated msc/vlr, can we say the capacity of each of them seperately?I mean we say we have a msc/vlr with 2000000 subscriber or msc with 2000000 subscriber ?
and is there any spesific relation between the capecity of HLR and MSC/VLR?

third ;How can I convert the SS7 traffic from PLMN and PSTN into IP traffic ,to calculate the traffic of my MSS/VLR?

forth;can any body give me some idea in planning a logical block diagram of this server according to the software block diagram whitch I designed,if any body can ,let me know ,I’ll send him the software block diagram .

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kind regard