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Reply To: Switch Planning for GSM


Hi everybody!!!

I’ve just discovered this site and want to chnage experience in GSM switch Operation Maintenance or planing.
I’m working for 4 years at Siemens D900/D1800 switch.

Now we have one problem!!!

How to limit number of dialed digits of B-number. Example: Short number of our information service is 1414. But when subscriber dials 1414 and some more digits (1414xxxx) that call goes to error in billing centre. Parameter MINMAX in CPT databese doesn’t work properly!!!
My questione for people who have experience with that:

How linit number of dialed digits to 4 (1414)?? Number of dialed digits in this example should be limited and call with 5,6, or more digits diverted to annoncement or rejected.

Thank you in advance!!!