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Reply To: Switch Planning for GSM


To Dan:
There are various anntenna models available from Kathrein or Algon that have an adjustable electrical tilt. I haven’t seen one that you have to change ports to effect the change. Most come with the a adjustment knob/dial on the bottom or back of antenna.

The Kathrein 742 047 is an example of a dual band, 4 arrays ( 2 +45 degree and 2 -45 degree ) where the 900 array can have it’s elec tilt adjusted.

As for horizontal or vertical polarisation, it’s not correct to say that hp is more attenuated than vp.

Consider that in space there is no such think as vertical or horizontal and no matter how you rotate the antenna it will propagate the same.

However because of different effect that V and H polarised waves encounter when being reflected off the ground and other objects, V waves tend to keep their polarisation, while H waves then to get rotated and suffer higher relection losses.

To Rachid and Mostafa:

E///’s definition for Sudden Loss is compatible to Mostafa’s definition of “other”.

However please not that the “due to” is not exactly correct. The statistics only tell you that at the time of the drop there was a Bad Quality, Low Signal Strength, or exessive TA urgency state (or none in the case of other or sudden loss).

Depending on the thresholds you set for what is low SS or bad Qual or excessive TA, the validity of these stats can be questioned.