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Reply To: Measuring erlangs with Centrex

Jeff House

Thanks for the response.

Actually the Centrex service that we are connected to in St. Paul (which is where I am trying to measure) about 99% of the lines are all in 1 building. Here’s how screwed up we are: Of the 1000 lines in to that building, there are 13 different key systems (4 different vendors) that about 40% of the people are using, the other 60% of the people are using Centrex directly. Our quasi-providor InterTech (which is part of the Department of Administration) (and whom is the customer of Qwest) said that if we wanted any sort of use analysis we would have to pay to have it done for all of the Centrex lines they hold in the St. Paul area which is around 65,000 lines. Basically they told us we couldn’t afford to have the analysis done. It just seems like there must be some sort of educated way to figure out how many trunk lines we would need.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.