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Reply To: Erlang calculation for GSM Network


Will inner band retain the call if outer band signals are weak?

Consider the following scenario:
We have 900 outer and 1800 inner band serving on a cell. BCCH / SDCCH is on 900 and 1800 only caters TCH.
Suppose tilts are such that 1800 serves a radius of 5 kilometers while 900 serves a radius of 3 kilometers only (undesirable but can happen).
Now suppose the call gets established when caller is within 2 kilometer of serving cell (on 900 of course) and then call is handed over to 1800. Customer is moving and exceeds the distance of 3 kilometers (serving area of 900 band is exceeded). Will the call retain on 1800 or does it need the BCCH of serving site to be strong enough to continue the call?