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Reply To: Erlang Formula


BKM, you mention “MS Power vs Timing advance analysis”. I think you must refer to some correlation between the power emitted by the mobile (when Power Control is activated) and the distance between the mobile and the antenna (which is measured by Timing Advance, each unit of TA being more or less 500 meters).
In overall, you should find more or less the same as the formula used for calculating link balance… MSP – PL(d) + AG(a) = R
MSP = minimum MS Power required
PL = Path Loss (in absolute value)
AG = Antenna Gain
R = minimum Reception level accepted by your BTS
a = angle of emission of the shortest signal beam reaching the mobile

I’m not sure what you mean by asking the messages conveyed. TA is just a measure of distance. It is useful for synchronisation (which I think, but not 100% sure, should be only on the side of the MS)