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Reply To: Traffic Simulation

dwiputra respatia

Dear E Kaidalov,

I’m sorry sir, I really don’t know where do I have to send my e-mail to you.
To be honest, I always waiting your e-mail.
I thought that I’ve already give my e-mail to you in this post article.
Is it any privacy to send my e-mail to you?
If it’s true, tell me how should I give my e-mail to you?
Do I have to send my e-mail to contact us services, to sales or technical support?
Or to free news letter?(I’ve already gave one of my e-mail to this services).
Or should I know your e-mail?
Where I can get your e-mail at this web site?

thank you,
sorry if I have too many question at this post article. Because I really don’t know what to do.

sincerely yours

dwiputra r