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Reply To: BHCC and BHCA

[insert name here]

Hi all,

I am trying to find out a BHCC for a system here.

I am trying to determine the BHCA and BHCC for the system itself and for the ACD portion of it (the call center software).

I feel that these two values will be different as each has different factors… The system by itself only needs the KSU section to be active and working… the ACD portion is much more processor intensive as it will be performing more functions than a simple switch (greetings, routing based on CLID, etc).

So far I’ve tried to mail the manufacturer of our test equipment but they say that BHCA=BHCC… which I don’t agree with.

I feel it would be: BHCA greater than or equal to BHCC

BHCC = Busy Hour Call Completion
BHCA = Busy Hour Call Attempts
CLID = Caller Line ID
ACD = Automatic Call Distributor
KSU = Key Service Unit


Does anyone here have any idea on how to calculate BHCC/BHCA for a ACD environment.

Does anyone here have access/links to white papers that describe BHCC calculations in depth.

Are there any standards for calculating BHCC/BHCA or can you just to whatever you want and advertise it to consumers?

Many thanks!