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Reply To: sip configuration


to mikeM
hallo, tahnks for your answer….
my the software on the quintum A800 is have updated with :

Product Name: Tenor Analog A800 Multipath Switch – 8 ports (Rev. B)
Gatekeeper Status: Mini
GK Calls Allowed: 8
Feature Bit Status: -PS/+RB/-ER
Languages allowed: 1
Serial Number: A002-0082A9
Ethernet Address: 00-30-E1-00-82-A9
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
System Software Version: P5-2-1(LEC) (1678285/0xFF74)
Boot Software Version: P4-1-3 (180592/0xE814)
Database Version: 2.08 09-13-2000 (278376)

that is dekripsion config of my quintum. so how to make this quintum work in the port SIP.
thanks for your answer…
please answer Now.
thanks you