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Reply To: how to fix FAS


yes i had read that a few times now. and no results so far.

by the way, here is my current config for the cas signaling group

signaling type = loop start, reverse battery

guard time = 0ms

orientation = user/slave

dtmf on = 120ms

dtmf off = 120ms

detect flash hook signal = 0

dial mode = tone based

called id detection = 0

answer delay = 0s

dial delay = 1000ms

dial tone detect = 1

silence based disconnect = 0 sec

ring 12 delay = 4 sec

tone based supervision = Answer & disconnect supervision

disconnect supervision options = 5 on/off intervals per cadence cycle

answer supervsion hold off time = 15sec

is some thing not configured right? oh and theres 1 more thing, theres a problem also with the sending of the release. like when the called party is left to release the call, the quintum is not sending a release signal or a code of 16 to the originator. likewise when an invalid number is dialed in, the quintum does not send code 1 or 28. how can i set the configuration to send these codes to the other side? thank you very much mikeM