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Reply To: Feedback & Comment needed on VOIPSwitch



The VOIPSwitch platform is alright for us till now. We had used it to run wholesale traffic. The max traffic we had on this switch is ard 300 simulatneous call (without proxy media). The charging part seems quite accurate, so far we did nto encounter any billing discrepancy on our whoelsale business.

One problem we facing is the media RTP switching problem when doing failover reroute on Quintum Gateway. The reroute calls seems to be silent. We suspect the RTP was not switch over properly. However we hope this had already been solve in latest 86x version.

As for retail, we do not run much traffic. The max concurrent login from GK/Registrar client is ard 20 only. So far so good.

We do not mix our wholesale and retail traffic in one switch.

So far we are quite satisfied with the switch. And the product is keep on developing, and we shd see more useful feature soon.

Wish list, Free minutes, and more feature on charging option.