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Reply To: Feedback & Comment needed on VOIPSwitch


I had saw a demo on VM. The ineterface is very impressive and feature rich, far more better than VOIPSwitch from appearance and structure. But actual working ocndition i dun dare to comment here. Heard from my friedn taht SYSmaster actually outsource their site installation to third party, which turn up causing a lot of support issue out there.

We are requesting for a evaluation on MVTS II, this is a product which so far i have not hear any negative feedback with. The bad thing on MVTS, it is a pure IP switching system for wholesale, no billing or other Fancy feature built in.
Anyone into wholesale business can give a try on that.

In my opinion, the more complicated a system is running, the more buggy it will be. Applied to all system.

Anyone can give any feedback on VM, that will be pretty much apprecaited.