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Reply To: Warning to Quintum owners!!!!

Wilson Boyrie to Mike

I am about to leave on vacation, but will try to gather all the information and send it to Quintum before I run out of the country.
The first time around I tought that I did not set the filters after a factory reset, but htis last time I saw the changes from one day to the other, and that with the gateway with a password that not even my partner knew.
I do not care that Quintum have a master password, but it should reset the box to factory default when used.

That way you will realize that something is up.

Of course that applies to us, that could rebuilt the box in a couple of hours and a gallon of coffe, but I bet there are a lot of people terrified of loosing a configuration.

From the Quintum point of view, you could not please everyone.

Best regards.

Wilson Boyrie.