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Reply To: how can i connect Tenor, Router together


Thank you very much Mike, you are very kind.

Let me explain what I already did.
1. I fast install the ADSL router (ORIGO) software, then
2. I have connected my ADSL router to the Broadband internet and to the computer.
3. i did not configure TCP/IP in computer. So option ‘Optaining IP’ and Option ‘Optating DNS’ still remains Automatic.
4. Now when I give the Command ‘IPconfig’ it shows
Connection-specific DNS suffix:
IP Address:
Default Geteway:
I know I need to configure the Router but I do not know how? To configure Origo router I had to log on its web based advance site. I saw lots of option there but I do not know what and how I configure.By the way I don’t know about DMZ. What it means and what its function. So, please tell me how I will do it. I have Quintum Tenor, Static IP, and Broadband line, Router now only need proper advice to set it up properly.