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Reply To: call with 2 quintum without pbx or pstn



I need help with configuring a Quintum ASM200.

After a lot of reading from various articles on the website including Quintum’s, I have been able to do the bare minimum configs using configuration wizard.
Currently, the Quintum is setup behind a firewall/NAT and I am using one of the fxo and one fxs for the purpose of testing.
When I pickup the handset, I do get a dial tone.

What I need help is the following:
Setup the Quintum to
1) Allow only IP Incoming calls from outside for all calls with country code 61
2) Disallow all outgoing calls via the IP link
3) select the non-busy FXO to terminate IP incoming calls
4) allow incoming pstn calls
5) direct incoming calls from PSTN to the designated phone connected e.g. if someone calls from pstn to 81847821 then phone connected to port 1 will ring and similarly for 81847822 port2
5) allow phones to autoselect free FXO port for the purpose of making calls via pstn

I would like to set it up like a termination partner and would appreciate any advice or guidance.

Best Regard