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Reply To: Incoming call configuration on Dx Series

Wilson Boyrie

I guess that by “incoming” you mean calls from the internet to the PSTN.
If you want calls to flow from VOIP to PSTN,you need the following information before you start:

1)What format will have the call coming from the VOI side????

Examples of the same call

011 54 11 480 20 480
54 11 480 20 480
11 480 20 480

On the first example, you have international access from the US,country code, area code and number.
Second one is country code,area code and number.
Third one is area code and number
And could be just the phone number by itself.

Lets assume that you are a normal point and you get the country code, area code and number.

Using the GUI, go to System Wide configuration.

1)Under dial plan,select country “canada”, regardless of where you are.

2)Erase (clear), the fields “country code”, “area code”,”carrier prefix,and “long distance prefix”

3)Set “minimun dial digits” to four, and “maximun dial digits” to 20.

4)Uncheck the “use 10 digit dialing” field.

5)Clear the “international prefix” area. They are used for outgoing calls only.

6)Leave UPDP uncheck, and under advanced, leave both check marks out and “interdigit timeout” set to four.
Save the configuration, by pressing confirm/OK, and then submit the changes on top of the page.

Next step:

Under “circuit configuration”,select “trunk routing configuration”,and “hopoff number directory”.

1)Create a new “hopoff number directory”, and you need to enter the following information:

a)Number pattern:The first few digits of the call as it will be coming into this QUintum from the internet. Normaly, that will be the country code and area code.
Example,for Argentina, Buenos Aires, will be 54 11.
That means that any call coming from the net that have the digits 5411 on the front will be received on this “hopoff directory”

b)Replacement pattern: As the Quintum receives the “5411” number, it will delete those digits. You need to enter on “replacement pattern” what you needt the Quintum to send to the phone company T1 or E1.
Most places on the US requiere now that you send the area code and number, when on other locations you will be asked for the phone number only.

If you are on the US, and need the area code before the number,also called “10 digit dialing”, you need to re-enter the area code on this field.

If you need to send only the number to the T1 or E1, leave this field empty.

These are the basic steps to receive a call from the NET to PSTN on a DX machine.

If you are somehow familiar with the Quintum, that should help.

This steps are based on the asumption that you have several other steps done, like having the E1 or T1 already in service, the signaling groups setup properly for the type of signaling, and the right asociation betwen signaling group and the right phisical ports on the DX.

If all that sound like chinese to you , and you are not from China,you need a lot more help.

If you need aditional help, post your contact information and I will get in touch with you.

Best regards.

Wilson Boyrie.