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Reply To: Configuring a Quintum

Marc Clement

Hi Everybody,

We’ve just bought a ASM400 Gateway to do paging in a remote IP site… I’m a real newbie in telephony and I can’t figure how to do this.

All I need is my PBX to have a DN that will route to the Quintum and this one will pass it to an analog port to an amplifier that have many speakers distributes in the office.

What do I have to define on my PBX (Nortel Option61 – CS1000M) to point to the Quintum ? Do I need to create a Virtual TN ?

I’ve read a lot of papers on the Quintum site, but the only thing I found was a document that explain the particular settings the Quintum have to be configured to interoper with Nortel H323 (CS1000…).

Someone can help ?