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Reply To: Configuring a Quintum

Noname to Noman

There is a asociation that you need to make on the PSTN side.
On the GUI go under “circuit configuration”,”trunk routing configuration”,and create a “hopoff number directory”
You need to enter the prefix of the calls that you wanted to send to the PSTN side.
Like if you are in Argentina, Buenos aires, you will enter country code 54, area code 1.
The entry will look like “541*”, meaning that any call coming VOIP that have the number 541 followed ny any digits will be sent to the PSTN port of the Quintum.

IF you need to send any aditional digits, like a “9” to access a outside line from the Quintum, enter that didigt or digits on the “replcement number” field of the hopoff directory.

If you still confuse after that, try the following command:

quintum# cmd gkroute xxxx the “xxx” will be the three or four first digits of the call that you want to send to the PSTN

Quintum# cmd gkroute 1281 or 541, or 44.

If everything is setup correctly, you will get a reply that incluides the I.P. of your own gateway.

Best luck!!!!