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Reply To: Quintum A800 NAT


You also need to enter the external I.P. address on the quintum, that way the quintum will send the public I.P. address as a “return address” pn the h323 packets.

Like this :

config# print

Unit: 1
IP Address =
External IP Address = 67.10.xx.xx
Name = cypress

Online = 1
Relay ResetTime = 240
Relay Reset Number = 2

If you pull a log of a call, you will be able to see the addresss translation done by the quintum.

ev +ch

CH : 85633971:h323[443]: tcall:stackSendSetup, media type=16
CH : 85633972:udp connect: 1 11
CH : 85633972: c0a80350 10240 0 0
CH : 85633972:H323TermCall: relaying calling party # = 1281xxxxxxx.
CH : 85633972:h323[0]: h323mgr:newCall
CH : 85633974:[1: 1] received message from cas: InbandSigDone
CH : 85633978:[443/0]: Trying Route to

CH : 85633978:Translating> for
CH : 85633978:Translating> for
CH : 85633978:Translating> for
CH : 85633978:Translating> for

If you have a “h323 friendly” router, like the linksys series, you may be surprised that you do not need to forward ports for outgoing calls, the router will let yo do outgoing calls .

But for incoming calls you need the port forwarding or put the quintum on the DMZ zone.

Best luck!!!