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Reply To: AX

Wilson Boyrie

These are the settings from a working gateway,on a static I.P. address.

What kind of service provider do you have???

If you have DSL and need to login and enter the password , you will need to work on the PPOE section.

You are set for a static I.P. address, but the DHCP is enabled. Seems to be something wrong with that.

Quintum# config
config# ei
config-EthernetInterface-SL1DV1EI1# print

EthernetInterface-SL1DV1EI1 :
name :
PortNumber : 1 Read Only, Physical
ManagementAccess : 1 Access Enabled; Defa
DUPlex : 0 Auto
SPeed : 0 Auto 10/100 mbps; De
IPAddress :
WebServerPort : 8080 Port Number
SubnetMask :
ExternalNATIPAddr :
DHCPEnabled : 0 Disabled, default
PPPOEEnabled : 0 Disabled, default
PPPOERedialInterval : 0
PPPOEUserName : user defined
PPPOEPassword : user defined
InternalNATIPDirAttached :
FilterIPDirAttached[1..16] :