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Reply To: americantelecomunication


I accidentally crossed this article where I realized that I know the person you are talking about. The name is Ala’a Khalil Alia born in the year 1967 son of Khalil Naim Alia and Fayza Al-Sahli, his brothers and sisters are:
1. Ali (Alex) Alia,
2. Rola (Rolla, Roula, Roulla) Alia Taljeh wife of Hassan Taljeh (Ala’a Assossiate) living at the following address 1100 Bering Dr. Houston, TX 77057 Telephone # 713-278-1163.
3. Nibal Alia Living at the same address as above????

According to my personal knowledge of this family, I think they are very much attached and if you locate one you locate all, as well as to my knowledge they all entered in a partner ship in the year 1991-1993 where Alaa was in a connection with the Mobs in Russia.