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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!

Martin B

I have not found though any company, including that will offer me that for free, everybody says, get an engineer and will develop you something for a few investement? What waranties I have ? NONE, at least this fancy package seems to be working, I did not purchase Sysmaster equipment but I think that many systems began in the backyard of someones home like apple and Cisco, all systems are based on someones development wether this person is paid or is an idea that you grab in the street, it this case i see they used a code and integrated all in a package , last night I logged to Sauls site at and saw numerous posting of people pretty happy exchanged information on the usage of the system and how he says people exchanging and working with voicemaster system that seem to be very happy, I am wondering more and more, is this a plot of ex-workers that are not happy with the company or some kind of bad mouthing publicity that other sales people from other systems are trying to post? I really do not know, so far I have heard only that it does not work and nobody posted a real application where it did not work or under what condition it did not work, that way we can seize the level of expertise of the evaluator, don’t you think?

Nice to chat with you guys