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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!

Saul Bejarano

Thanks Martin:
I was as frustrated about Sysmaster as anybody else was at that time, but the system has changed a lot lately, I have survived since version 1.08 and the first developments, I have lost a lot of business oportunities untill I took time to go ahead and learn the box from head to toe.
The system is still the same in escence, many things changed in radius, Registration, patches, Database activity, however I learned more about gatekeepers because voicemaster is basically a call authority and billing system for the network and learning about gatekeepers got more involved with signaling and with the rejection methods and why they happen and what conditions may be experienced with diferent gateways models and brands.
Then I could understand where I was wrong.
The system worked and worked better day by day, now I support 23 customers in a regular monthly basis, customers not only with Voicemasters but with Cisco IP to IP, Radius BIlling and Database CDR collection, I have migrated some of them to Voicemaster basic billing and you know trying to make a living also, nobody works for free now a day, more in an industry that generates tons of money.
Then finally I have the trust of many customers thanks to the hard work and some of my free resources I placed them on the forum, I give up 2 hours daily to maintain and respond to questions on the forum, many other very knowledgeable people has joined the effort and more and more people is learning how to deal with responses that technical support at Sysmaster may not have unless they talk to a developer or higher engineer.
visit the forum you will see what I am talking about.
Thanks again for the support.