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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!


Some information that you may find helpful guys:
Everybody who knows how a company works also knows that people is not the company and money buys resources and people time as well as professional services.
This is the case at Sysmaster, I was surprised with all the changes at the company, first on the external moving the company to a new building out of Emeryville in California, next hiring a complete team of specialist to support 24×7 customers at a total diferent level.
-Reorganizing the visual and menu of the system grouping all services and configuration interface in a more effective way.
-Re-designing several parts of the system as a response to the feedback of customers that are helpful to the development of the system that instead of WAYNING work toward the solution of problems.

I do not know at what point the professionals that I read writing here turned into flea-market sellers, every guy that I read here has something bad to say about someone else, you waste too much time trying to express your frustration instead on finding solutions to your problem that probaly deserve the situation that each one is facing.

My advice is to put away the wayning and wear the working sweatshirt to express where is the real problem that you are facing with this device, all problems I have faced have a solution.

I will accept a comment about Sysmaster only from a Sysmaster user or owner, never from an ignorant that talks based on somebodies comment.

Also is pathetic to hear the same crap in the forum all the time, make this a usefull tool not a comment banner for frustration.

It will be more constructive to write all what you think about a company or about a person on a peace of toilette paper while you are sited in the restroom and ready to use it, than spending precious time in the forum with all the same stuff.

Changing tasks: Does anyone has a problem that needs to be solved on a voicemaster? I am willing to help with positive comments and solve the problem, you can post it here or you can post it at I have no preference.