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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!


I have to admit I have some issues to work on, but have not expiriennced this horror stories yet, I hope I never will.
mera is not billing., is not a gateway, is one softswitch, for dummy wholessale trafic,
you have to use it with another billinng system, and to converrt protocolls you have to add another module and piece of hardware (which is nothing but a gataway)and then you have to get licence for codecs. it piled up.
Plus no IVR, that was something extra. As the features went up, the cost went up, the nomber of calls – down.
first they told me 1500calls, but then codecs were supporting only 300calls.
The whole thing came up to more than 68 grand! with discountts. from 90.