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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!

Reply to Teenage Angst

Wow! What type of problems have you gents been aflicted with? Here I am late at night perusing abouts looking for a used SM7000 and stumble into this madness. “Shitmaster” eh? lol You have either lost a hell of a lot of money out of sheer ignorance of not knowing voip from the back of your arse or are quite possibly an ex – disgruntled employee, or maybe one of their competitors? Regardless I’ve had my share of problems with Sysmaster, Cisco and Quintum products, yet I need not bash those companies since finding a solution to the problems is my first concern and as i can attest a solution is always around the corner. I have to admit in Sysmaster’s case, I have noticed an increase in their professionalism concerning technical support and documenting their products / services. Anyways if you have questions or problems regarding Sysmaster or cisco products you can send an email to I will be happy to answer any question you may have regarding those systems (Please no dumb questions since I have not the time nor inclination to be a Voip Tutor to someone who has not been in the field).