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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!

1st Hand Voicemaster Experienc

To Voice of Reason and others:

It seems as if you are also an employee of Sysmaster. Regardless of who I am or what my relationship is with Sysmaster, all of my statements are true 100%. Even to add one more layer of credibility loss to you; the fact that you refer to my statements as ‘Insider’ goes to show that even you as an employee acknowledge the state of frenzy and disaster that Sysmaster operates under, not to mention the continuous delivery of lies to the Telco/Voip World. For those of you that are contemplating a Shitmaster purchase, challenge them till the moment of purchase and never pay in full, you will regret it. Also, it takes 3-6 months to even begin to truely understand the product and all it’s glitches.

Demand to speak to the Sales Manager, Support Manager… etc, watch how difficult it will be to get an answer or assistance. Ask for an org chart of the company and watch the deflection. Pay attention to every question you ask and pound them with all of the negativity and watch how gracefully the sales person answers. Listen to the confusion/frustration behind the sales persons voice. If sales is that frustrated imagine how you’ll feel. All of the red flags are there and you are all very smart business people so follow your intuition. The sales staff is the best considering the B.S that they have to put up with from support and Boris. It’s ultmately not their fault. Sales is the front lines and caught in the middle of an ongoing battle between the single point of failure(Boris) and you the client. Also spend the money to fly to the office FIRST before you purchase and take a look around. You’ll see exactly who you will be doing business with. Remember, the American sales force is who closes the deal with you, the Bulgarrian developers are the ones who have to support it. Guilty Guilty Guilty until proven innocent!!!!!

Also think about this… Voicemaster started out as a calling card platform. The VoIP world is full of criminals and cheats..everyone knows it. The VoiceMaster was intended as a revenue generating product wherein you could rip off your clients. Only crooks could develop a product to steal from other people. Get the money and run as they say. Now that the VoIP world has surfaced to a higher level of service and scrutiny, the days of thieving are almost over. The problem is that the same unevolved minds are running the company today. Those same minds think that everyone else is a crook and stupid, isn’t that ironic?

The product is good for only one thing…. Small calling card companies who have about 15k to spend. Also, all of their products have been hacked and are sold on the black market. Certain versions of VoiceMaster and the SM7000 can be purchased cheaply. There are also support centers set up in U.S and Europe to support the hacked versions so you might want to research that. Feel free to post any question on here to me and I will help the best I can.