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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!

Hamed Nik

I have previously posted my experiences to posts from this forum regarding voicemasters support and here i like to say i fully support the previous post “1st hand VoiceMaster Experienc” word by word! Exactly how i would put it!

I have been their customers since more than two years ago and i know for sure how awfull this system can be! In fact in the last 10 minutes i have been trying to solve a problem in the GK that gives me disconnect cause 11 in peak time for no reason(around 250 cocurrent calls)…

I dont have a support contract with them since three months ago purely because we will pay support not for them to solve the problems we’ve created by mis-configs etc, but for them to solve the problems in their own beta and untested program! Every upgrade created at least 10 new bugs! and ofcourse they tell you no one else has this porblem but you!!!

I visited their sales rep in CeBIT last year (they dont stop exhibiting neither) and tried to complain; as soon as the guy recognized my name and i tried to discuss about the status of their support service he raised his voice and got very offended apparently because i should not tell my sales rep regarding problems i was experiencing! Suprisingly saying: “We are at a show here with new customers give us a break!” i would call it a trap, not a show!

I dont know what more needs to be said about them, i just hope new buys will read these stuff before falling into this trap!

I have always said this and i like to repeat again, we are not in US as we are a UK based company, but if anyone needs our support for filing a case against these guys i’d be more than happy to help and join forces!