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Reply To: Vocaltek to Quintum GW


Can you help me on quintum D3000 to work with Vocaltec ? This is i am getting in the log of quintum D3000. Do you have any working config in D3000 ?

CH : 34606035:h323[0]: h323mgr:RcvIncomingCall
GK : 34606045:EndpointManager: Address request
GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::Active calls(0) Max Calls Allo
GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::ARQ call is an answer call
GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::WAN Call
GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::Call created ID (e8bca3f26768b
GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::Call timer started
GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::Answer call from
CH : 34606048:h323[0]: ocall:RcvSetup, my media type=9
CH : 34606048:bandwidth info: max=-1 cur=12600.
CH : 34606048:Fast start element present.
CH : 34606048:Setting remote rtp
CH : 34606048:Remote side packet saver version = 2.
CH : 34606048:CallInfo[0xd73430]: origCalled.digit(701694115324237)
CH : 34606048:h323[21/0]: ocall:stackSendCallProc
CH : 34606050:Routing requested for: public(0) orig=yyyyyyyyyyyy public(0
) normalized=yyyyyyyyyyyy route code= tg=0.
CH : 34606050:0 match(es) found:
CH : 34606050:Route response(21): result=0 cause=34.
CH : 34606050:CallInfo[0xd73430]: cdr callid(15) rmtcallid(0) calltype(1) de
CH : 34606050:CallInfo[0xd73430]: cdr dest(yyyyyyyyyyy) orig(zzzzzzzzzzz) remote() pin().
CH : 34606050:CallInfo[0xd73430]: cdr icline(ffffffff) icport(c2b74b15) otli
ne(ff) otport(0).