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Reply To: Problems with Webswitch 100



Fractal – 1 Nov 2004

WS100 serial connection:

Pins 1,2,4 NC
Pins 3,5,7 GND
Pin 6 Reset (Act Low)
Pin 8 Serial data in (TTL)
Pin 9 +3.3v
Pin 10 Serial data out (TTL)

You’ll need to convert the TTL serial data to RS-232 levels (+/- insteead of 0/+3.3). I used an NPN transistor and base resistor for input from PC to WS and a PNP, 2 resistors and data out (for negative supply) from a 2nd serial port to get data from pin 10 to PC input. You could use the standard 1488,1489 if you have them. However, I still cannot get the unit to boot even after setting everything on “c” menu. I did do a “C” (capital) and cleared something, was this a bad thing to do??

Dan (different one than previous posts)