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Reply To: Everybody needs free billing for Quintum


No It appears that I was totally wrong, what I have done to this point is right direction.
I mean today February 6th I was desperate and tryed to call several times without not configuring anything because I do not now what to configure.
But after a little thought I changed amount of money in users file to less than 100$ and the seconds value to some multiple times of the money value I made it 100/0.30=333min*60~19849seconds like this:
210987654321 Auth-Type := Accept
Quintum-h323-return-code = “h323-return-code=0”,
Quintum-h323-credit-amount = “h323-credit-amount=99.25”,
Quintum-h323-credit-time = “h323-credit-time=19849”
and tryed to call again and what you think it got through and I was able to make call several times because I configured ** value in pstntg 1 group and after I hang up my phone it write the call detail in /var/log/radius/radacct/ file so now I can use some simple programs to get it to a printer or something.
The most exiting thing was that ivr read the amount from users file and spoke to me as I never thought it would and with all details.So I think that my freeradius works and logs the information I need to the place I want.
But now there it is
Q7. I want to know how this amount of money in users file will get subtracted by the amount of a last call multiplayed by the destination rates. This side of work should do some external programm named billing I think. And here goes all this MySQL and DB related staff. Any thoughts about some free billing platforms to connect to freeradius.
Now its time to dig for any free billing solutions.
I will post again with explanation of all the quirks and tricks I-a user that never write any programms in any languages exept “Hello, World” ones-have met while trying to use freeradius in
some near future
Best regards to all of you who will benefit from my postings