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Reply To: Everybody needs free billing for Quintum


Thank you I have got that document earlier but I am a new to this so it takes some time to get used to this staff
I think you are from Huston You are the first man ever helped me to get to work my quintum a year ago
I did that part that you are saying about but I was not able to see access-request cause I typed 3 digit password configured in users file of radius but should type 12 digit as I myself configured in quintum. Now I see it but there is more questions: Q4. what is Quintum-AVPair = “h323-ivr-out=ACCESSCODE:” attribute and what it does?
Q5 May be in this part:Sending Access-Accept of id 241 to
Quintum-h323-return-code = “h323-return-code=0”
Quintum-h323-credit-amount = “h323-credit-amount=124”
Quintum-h323-credit-time = “h323-credit-time=10” I should add some attribute to make IVR play what it should and if so how can I do it ? Cause after that radius says that it finished request it means that I should hear an IVR prompting with minutes left or to dial the destination number or something else dont now yet.
Q6. Acct-Session-Time = 18 why it logs this time in accounting-request part of it though I was not able to proseed whith call

Regards to everybody who make free software really free by explaining how it works