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Reply To: we can help any kinds of quintum config


My quintum A800 bills for the voice recording provided by the pstn(for example…”the number you dialed is not reachable”).Otherwise the billing is perfect.

Can anyone kindly help me in sorting out this problem.

Thank you and regards.

PSTN Trunk Group: 1
Name = PstnPassThrough1
Pass Through = yes(1)
PT Trunk ID = 0
Provide Call Progress Tone = no(0)
Busyout = no(0)
Hunt Algorithm = ascending-round-robin(2)
Modem Calls = No(0)
Direction = both(2)
DN Used = public
End Of Dial = no(0)
Ivr Type = None
CID = From Interface(0)
External Routing Request = no(0)
Auto Switch Enable = no(0)
Forced IP Routing # = none
Trunk ID(Account Code) = none
Trunk ID Delivery = none
2 Stage Dial = No
Translate Inbound Caller ID = no(0)
Relay Caller ID = yes(1)
IP Extension = no(0)
Maximum LAM Calls Allowed = 8
LAM: Index Pattern Replacement NumberType

Cas Signaling Type = loop start fwd disconnect(6)
Cas Orientation = user(0)
Dial Tone Detect = no(0)
Dial Delay Timeout = 1000
Answer Delay Timeout = 60
Flash-Hook Signaling = no(0)
Supervision = answer and disconnect(3)
Caller Id Detection = no(0)
dtmf-ontime = 100
dtmf-offtime = 100
unit# 1 line# 2: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8