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Reply To: updating Webswitch P4 100 firmware


1.use sw_update “boot_3R4a.ld”,-1 command,make sure write this file to 0-2 sectors.

2.use sw_update “ip_fxs_3R4a.ld”,0 command to write this file to 3-22 sectors.

3.this is the command the change the borad ID which I am not sure exactly how to spell like “boardIdCahnge”, you can look for in the netmanger 3r3 ‘s directory, there is a ezxcfg.txt file. the detail is in there.
use this command to reset your board ID.


boot device : flashcpm0
processor number : 0
host name : SOLPHONE
file name : flash
inet on ethernet (e) :
inet on backplane (b):
host inet (h) :
gateway inet (g) :
user (u) :
ftp password (pw) (blank = use rsh):< flags (f) : 0x8 target name (tn) : startup script (s) : other (o) you can not either use solition/solphone to telnet the box or use netmanager. they will have no use. 6.reboot the will be told it has not be configged. 7.use http:// user:root password:root 8.configration is up to you