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Reply To: Call clearing after certain mins

Honza Vomacka

> If you use Quintum you need a Billing software to tell the quintum thru radius when the call has to stop.
The biggest problem with Quintums is that you cannot modify their IVR/call handling. For instance you have E1 from the certain customer and would like to authorize and bill everything which comes from there to his account – there is no way (at least not that I am aware of) to make Quintum do so. It can only do authorization based on ANI or PIN, or do not do authorization at all
So buying Quintum is like a buying a cheap computer, but the catch is that you can only run a certain number of pre-installed programs on it. If you are lucky and you do not need anything else – great, you saved yourself some money. Otherwise when you discover you need to run MS word there, and it is not included – you’re stuck with the useless piece of junk. 🙂 With Cisco using TCL programming you can do anything you wish